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Cancer Care Excellence / Centers & Clinics

Cancer Care Excellence / Centers & Clinics

Medical Oncology Center |Wattanosoth Hospital

The goal of the center is to provide OPD cancer services specialized in medical oncology. Medical oncology refers to treatment of cancer with medication, such as chemotherapy, aimed at destroying or stopping cancer cells from growing or spreading. Emphasis is placed upon providing treatment that enhances patient’s Quality of Life and preventing chance of recurrences. Patients and family will be well-informed of treatment choices, and will be involved through any decision-making processes. Under the care of specialized oncologists and a multidisciplinary medical team, treatment plan and services will be personalized to suit each individual patient. Furthermore, consultation is readily available to answer any queries or concerns that may arise.


Scope of service includes Direct Treatment through medication, the selection of type of and combinations of treatment will depend on your oncologist and patient’s consent. Our treatment services include:

  • Chemotherapy
    • Chemotherapy refers to treatment of disease that uses chemicals to cancer cells.

    • Chemotherapy drugs are administered by oral intake or injection. Since the medication travels through the blood stream into the entire body, the procedure is considered a body-wide (systemic) treatment

    • Chemotherapy may be used to cure cancer, control the spread of cancer, relieve symptoms (when the cancer cannot be cured)

  • Hormone Therapy
    • Some cancers require hormones to grow; hormone therapy for cancer is the use of medicines to block the effects of hormones. It does not work for all types of cancer

    • Hormone therapy is effective in treating cancers that are hormone sensitive or hormone dependent, for example breast cancer

    • Works by stopping hormones being made or preventing hormones from helping cancer cells grow and divide

  • Targeted Therapy
    • Targeted therapy is a newer type of cancer treatment that uses drugs or other substances to more precisely identify and attack cancer cells, usually while doing little damage to normal cells. 

    • While chemotherapy will affect the region/area the cancer is located, target therapy focuses on the tumor or cancer cells specifically. This can result in less side effects and complications than chemotherapy.

    • It is often used along with chemotherapy and other cancer treatments to block the growth and spread of cancer cells

  • Immunotherapy
    • Stimulates and aids immune system to more efficiently eradicate cancer cells

    • Effective in preventing growth and spread of cancer cells

    • One form of immunotherapy is monoclonal antibodies which are synthetic antibodies that attach to specific protein in cancer cells

*New technologies such as molecular or genetic analysis of cells will help in selection of which type/s of treatment will be most suitable or effective for each patient, while minimizing side effects

Cancer Care Excellence

The Medical Oncology Center provides comprehensive services under the 360 Cancer Care model

The Medical Oncology Center aims to provide quality cancer treatment under the care of specialized medical personnel which includes oncologists, experienced nurses, oncology pharmacists, nutritionists, and psychologists. Group Therapy sessions are available where cancer patients have a forum to exchange experiences, inspirations, and more. The Education Center is on hand to provide knowledge regarding disease, treatment, and guidelines for prevention and care for patients and relatives. Information is provided through a number of mediums including audio, video, educational books etc. Furthermore, our Call Center can be contacted 24 hours a day in case of emergencies or complications.

Our chemotherapy unit, apart from quality processes and techniques that meet international standards, provides a homely relaxed environment to help reduce stress for patients. In cases where the patient requires continuous medication but prefers to not stay at the hospital Ambulatory Chemotherapy services are available which utilizes special equipment such as the Portable Pump. With proper guidance and instruction, this treatment option can be effective, safe, and help reduce costs for patients.

Effective cancer treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach with regards to treatment choices and consultation. With this in mind, the Tumor Board Conference is regularly held to showcase research, techniques, and innovative treatment methods. Furthermore, teleconferences are just one component of ongoing cooperation with leading international cancer institutions such as MD Anderson from the United States. To ensure continuous improvement the center engages in Clinical Research and Training to provide better cancer treatment and consistently high service quality.