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All About Cancer

All About Cancer

Reducing the risks by getting to know gastric cancer.

Gastric cancer (otherwise called stomach cancer) has been ranked in the top 10 cancers found in Thai population. Recent researches from World Health Organization (GLOBOCAN) indicate that gastric cancer is the 5th most commonly diagnosed cancer in the worl

Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplant: Bringing hopes for leukemia

Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow which is the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. In acute lymphocytic leukemia, immature blood cells are created rather than mature ones.

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for acute leukemia “Lightening up my hopes and bringing my new life”

Acute leukemia might be usually perceived as uncommon blood cancer. In fact, it can suddenly attack anyone at any age, which includes Mr. Narongrit Wittayapreechakul, a 56-year-old patient.

Chemotherapy for cancer treatment

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death globally. The latest statistical data reveals that its incidence has continued rising worldwide. Recently, the four most common cancers are lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and gastric cancer.

Keep your lungs and heart healthy. Quit smoking!

Smoking cigarettes can unfavorably affect the body in many ways, particularly raising the risks of serious heart and respiratory diseases. The effects of smoking are caused when substances are burned and absorbed into the bloodstream. These highly toxic a

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