The Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, a network group hospital under the flagship of the Bangkok Hospital and its nationwide BDMS group, has been awarded JCI and Temos certification that comply with international healthcare standards.  In offering our healthcare services, BHN is comparable to all leading hospital in Bangkok and throughout Thailand.

Medical Expertise

The Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin is open 24 hours for both adults and children , with specialized medical nurses in all areas of medical care including 

Internal Medicine

Our Internist can provide in all aspects about the disease prevention especially for the elderly patient required special care.  This department also handling from Health Check-up, vaccines, diabetes, prostates, , etc.


 BHN Operating Theaters are fully equipped with the latest equipment and advance medical technology to carry out elective, scheduled or emergency surgery.Operating Rooms are led by experienced surgeons in many specialist fields.  The surgical teams are assisted by anesthesiologist,operating room nurses who all work together as a team to maintain the highest levels of surgical healthcare in a number of fields including thoracic, colon, rectal, laparoscopic, ENT, head and neck and the surgical treatment of emergency and chronic wounds.


bone and joint diseases and conditions. problems.

Children’s Care (Pediatrics)

  child, from birth through to adolescence.BHN specialists cover a wide range Our Rehabilitation medicine department provides physical, occupational adult and the elderly, some of whom may require individual programs oftherapy for special needs.

 Health Promotion

The clinic ensures the safety of every patient with the use of the most up to treatment, dental implant designs and related procedures.Our clinic opens from Monday to Saturday from  9:00 – 17:00 hours.

Other specialized clinics

BHN also offers other services such as for eye consultation, ENT (eye, nose &    doctorsare experienced in their respective fields and are able to offerhealthcare covering a broad range of conditions. check-ups are available with the help of advance technology.