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New Life with the same heart

Khun Pongraphee coming with his brother: Khun Pongphet who is in a wheelchair, is telling us the incident occurred 10 year ago that forever caused his brother to have a speech problem and paralysis on the right side.  At that time, his brother was working at an internet café. He suddenly fell unconscious. He was brought to the nearest hospital but half an hour went by, he had not received any treatment.  So he was then brought to another hospital where he was diagnosed with a brain stroke.  Unfortunately the hospital did not have equipment available to take care of him. I decided to transfer him here immediately for surgery at the Brain Center. However, a doctor said he arrived too late, but he fully recovered all his memory but he had slow speaking and paralysis of the arms and legs.  The doctor also explained about the causes of diseases such as stress, diet, lack of exercise and genetic background. Besides, his father died by this disease.  Thereafter, I took my brother to see the doctor regularly but he still had a problem with weight and cholesterol.                

About a year ago, he had severe chest congestion and fell unconscious at around 2 o’clock in the morning. We called an ambulance that took him to the hospital.  During transfer, he received resuscitation four times. He was actually in a coma. Dr. Rapin was called in for his case. After his arrival, not later than half an hour later he received urgent treatments but his condition was very serious. Dr. Rapin told us that two coronary arteries had blockage and he would perform balloon angioplasty for the primary blockage. They took him into a Cath lab for 3 hours because defibrillation must be done to his heart while he was on Intra-aortic balloon pump to support his heart and reduce the irregular heart beat. Then he would be in a recovery stage for a week.

Dr. Rapin Kukreya
Cardio specialist, Bangkok hospital

Khun Pongphet is a case that has several serious symptoms, including stroke, chest pain from Myocardial Infarction (MI), then shock, and lastly irregular heart beat that could lead to death. The latest symptom is the most challenging for treatment. His disease was caused by fatty substance stuck to coronary walls more than enough to become rigid and narrow. It is a similar process of narrowing vessels of the whole body such as brain, heart, kidney, or arm and leg. This must be treated continuously and monitored regularly. In addition, dietary control and behavior adjustment is needed to reduce a risk for recurrence. He actually had a problem of two coronary arteries but we did one primary blockage first to save his life and the last will be corrected later on.
We must explain that to dilate a narrow vessel is not always a choice. What a doctor treats is an ischemic condition if the blood flow is sufficient for a heart function. Dilation of that vessel may not need to be performed. They must be aware of the vessel getting narrowed is very important. For this case, it means his vessels are not normal as the patient presented incidences of two abnormal vessel problems at the times very close to each other. Therefore his case needs special monitoring and care.