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Saving life with urgent heart valve surgery

I had a diagnosis of a heart valve sagging causing mild leaking. One day I developed breathing difficulty and the condition deteriorated rapidly. I was admitted to a hospital in northeast of Thailand. The condition became serious in shout period of time. I was intubated and was in ICU for 3 days. The condition is not getting better. There was a discussion that I should be transferred to a major hospital in Bangkok but the medical team was concerned that I may die during transferring.

My sister who is aware of Bangkok Heart Hospital capability insisted that I should be transferred anyway. This was done by medical helicopter service from Bangkok Hospital.

“During the helicopter transportation, I recalled that the doctor encouraged me that I will be OK and that the team has saved patients even they were more sick than I was. This reassured me a lot”

As soon as I arrived at Bangkok Heart Hospital everything was done quickly. The diagnosis that I was in heart failure-pulmonary edema due to tearing of one of the valve cords causing very severe leaking of that valve and large amount of fluid in my lungs. The recommendation was to perform surgery on that leaking valve. Prior to surgery I had special heart ultrasound study, and coronary angiogram to evaluate condition of my arteries that supply blood to heart muscle. All of this is to minimize the risk of this urgent surgery in a serious ill patient.

The surgery was done with valve repair technique, not a valve replacement technique, which should be more suitable to the patient with this problem. The skill team consist of 2-3 surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologist, nurses, and a heart lung machine technician. I understand the surgery took about 4-5 hours. I was in intensive care for few days. I was able to be discharged in 2 weeks.

I was educated about my heart condition and how I should take care of myself properly. This include proper regular excise and proper eating habit. I should check and control all known risks for cardiovascular disease such high blood pressure, diabetes, high level of fat in my blood, obesity and no smoking. I should have annual health checkup. I should take proper medicine and have my valve check periodically as recommend by my doctor.


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