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Preventive Heart and Lipid Clinic

Heart diasease, Preventive Heart and Lipid Clinic

The experienced preventive cardiology team at Bangkok Heart Hospital delivers individualized care with multidisciplinary approach aimed at lowering patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease and its complications. Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate a patient's risk and to provide the most effective measures to slow or stop the progression of atherosclerosis for both primary and secondary prevention. In addition, individualized action plans are developed to determine the optimal approach for each patient, which include lifestyle interventions and when necessary, medications.



  1. Evaluating patient’s risk and prevent future cardiovascular disease
  2. Reducing risk of cardiovascular disease’s complications
  3. Counseling and education to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent cardiovascular disease
  4. Improving service quality and diagnosis to meet an international standard
  5. Evaluating a new medical approach to prevent cardiovascular disease

Target patients

  • Patients who want to know their risk of developing cardiovascular disease
  • Patients who want to find the suitable and practical way to reduce cardiovascular risk
  • Our goal is to comprehensively evaluate a patient's systemic and individual risk and prevent cardiovascular disease by counseling from CVD prevention team (team approach risk management)

โรคหัวใจ, คลินิกป้องกันโรคหัวใจและลดไขมัน
Our services
Heart screening program


  1. Primary Screening Program – evaluating the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with no symptoms and reducing those risks
  2. Secondary Preventive Program – evaluating the future risk of cardiovascular event and its complications and providing the most effective measures to slow or stop the progression of the disease

Individualized Service
1. One-Stop Service for Heart Check-Up and Preventive Program


  • Cardiovascular disease screening
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease early at the plaque formation stage

2. Personalized Medicine 


  • Individualized action plans
  • Medication according to genetic profile
  • Nutritional consultations
  • Cardiac rehabilitation programs according to the patient’s risk

3. Registry and Monitoring 

Each patient’s medical record, lab results, and pathological results will be recorded in the clinic’s database in order to closely monitor the patient’s condition.

Preventive heart and lipid clinic at Bangkok Hospital offers specialized expertise and a comprehensive range of services proven to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and related complications. Comprising experienced doctors, nurses, a nutritionist, and an exercise physiologist, our team is a recognized leader in preventing heart disease.